"When I had my first massage with Jenessa, I was going through a lot in both my personal and business life.  I had major tension points throughout my entire body that Yoga, epsom baths or saunas were not able to release.  I discovered Jenessa through HoloBeing Wellness Center and had several great recommendations from others on her bodywork.  Although I am typically skeptical the first time I see a new massage therapist, she made me feel at ease and reassured right away.  Jenessa has a unique approach that I have not seen before with any other massage therapist.  She takes her time and really uses her intuition to let her hands go exactly where your body needs.  She was able to release tension from areas of the body that had been deeply stored away for way too long.  The time and dedication that she provided was like no other massage I have experienced before.  To say I left feeling like a new person is an understatement.  I highly recommend Jenessa and cannot say enough great things about her intuitive and healing bodywork!!"  - Danielle Martin (Svastha Ayurveda)


"Jenessa creates a warm and inviting environment that I love, and which puts me immediately at ease and into a deeply peaceful state.  Her presence is wise and warm and comfortable.  Her massage has helped me in times of stress and when relaxation and self-care are the priority, and has also improved musculoskeletal pain and tension in my shoulders that other massage has never been able to help.  I highly recommend Jenessa for clients seeking great warmth and grounding from their massage therapist, and for those seeking relief from muscular pain and tension from a very skilled practitioner!"  - Alexandra Davis (DiamondStar Acupuncture / Intuitive Counselor)


"Boulder folk: if you're looking for an AMAZING massage therapist please go find Jenessa Eisler and let her show you some magic.  I am VERY particular about bodywork (well, everything really), and I never recommend anyone unless I personally find them to be an absolute GEM.  What she does in 90 minutes is incredible and quite rare, in my opinion.  She was able to cover my entire body in 90 minutes in a way that left me feeling like nothing, no part of me was left out or still needing attention.  She is really good at helping me with my neck and getting at a lot of the front stuff that other therapists don't do: scalenes, SCM's, the chest and front deltoids.  She does all of this in a way that feels like a fusion of myofascial massage and traditional, so I feel like it's releasing fascia AND it feels good (a lot of fascial release massage does not feel good to me and leaves me sore and bruised).  And this is her most unique and cool gift: I have a distinct feeling lying on her table that she is PAINTING me a new body.  Erasing what she feels isn't supporting my best most beautiful self and painting me anew in a fluid, beautiful way.  It's quite unique and really awesome!  She's also highly intuitive."  - Elisha Celeste (Mobility Mastery & Boulder Pain Relief)


"Jenessa is a natural and intuitive healer and body worker.  She asks guiding questions that allow the client to tap into personal body wisdom and use their own innate ability to sensate, relax and ultimately heal.  Jenessa is at once perceptive and present with the client's wants and needs.  In my experience she delivers body work in such a way that you leave feeling both relaxed and shifted.  She has helped me grapple with both physical injury and emotional distress through a gentle, supportive and strong presence.  She simply knows how to approach the body in a way that feels safe and palliative."  - Emily C. 


"I've had the benefit of receiving bodywork from Jenessa during the past year.  Her presence and skills are extraordinary.  I have needed both corrective and preventative massages, Jenessa is attuned to good health and structure.  Her session starts with her asking my current state; on what pains or areas should she focus.  Her mindfulness sets the tone for meaningful bodywork.  Rare among people, Jenessa cares deeply and massages with both strength and tenderness."  - Steve E.


"Receiving a massage from Jenessa was a fantastic experience.  I've been to a couple of other massage therapists in the past, but I will return to Jenessa for all my body work from now on.  Not only is she professional and skilled, I also felt like she really cared about my treatment and how I responded to it.  I left feeling rejuvenated and relaxed, and I would highly recommend her to anyone!  Love the kick-ass music!"  - Dan B.