Is Lomi Lomi for you?

Lomi Lomi is a sacred, ancient Hawaiian healing art and active practice of loving hands.  The Hawaiian Huna philosophy behind this sacred healing practice is that everything seeks harmony and love.  In addition to hands-on bodywork, LomiLomi incorporates an invoked spirit of forgiveness, compassion, intention and prayer.  The intentional space created with practitioner and recipient is one of letting go, and inviting whatever healing is available and needed to take place during the massage.  It is important to understand that the practitioner is not considered to do any healing, but is the facilitator for healing to take place.   The fundamental idea is that the LomiLomi recipient does not need to be fixed, but alternatively is looking to create a safe space in order to let any disharmony in the body, mind, spirit, emotions, and patterns be shifted, allowing a change in the flow of energy. 

This brings me to the flow of strokes during massage.  The strokes are long and flowing, with the use of a lot of oil.  LomiLomi works gently yet deeply into the muscles, and the continuous movement is said to feel like a rhythmic gentle wave washing over the body, nurturing the recipients entire body and being, while recalling the spirit of the islands from which this method was born.  This flowing motion of strokes help to release the mind and the body from focusing too deeply in any one place, and can encourage a deeply meditative state, allowing for a letting go of many levels; this includes limiting beliefs and behaviors that can be stored in our cells.  The fluid, continuous strokes, intentional dance movement of the practitioner, and the Ha breath are all used to increase the flow within the recipients body, helping release any blockages in the body.

While technique of the practitioner is important, perhaps more important is the intuitive and loving energy that is present in the practitioners heart and hands.  Additionally, this work is most effective with a willingness, an honoring, and a responsibility of your own healing.  It is an honor for me to participate in this work with clients; If LomiLomi feels like a good fit for you, or you have an interest in pursuing LomiLomi on the path of your healing, reach out to me!  I like to conduct a short consultation prior to our first session.  Please reach out to me at

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75 minutes - $125

90 minutes - $150

120 minutes - $200

4-packs are available to be used within 6months of purchase

$440 for 4 x 75min 

$540 for 4 x 90min 

$740 for 4 x 2hrs