Connective Tissue Therapy

Connective Tissue Therapy is an integrative deep tissue therapy, helping to melt and unwind tension in muscles and fascia, applying the basic principles of Lengthening, Spreading, and Differentiating.  This massage helps increase blood flow to connective tissues in the body, range of motion, ease with posture, gravity and surrender.  Although CTT can be sensational and deep work, the heat generated from the work can result in release, regeneration, restoration and deeper relaxation within and after the session.   Each session is unique and tailored to your specific needs and concerns.  I incorporate and blend restorative massage and energy awareness, alongside this structurally-oriented technique.  I can include myo-fascial release, neuro-muscular therapy, and trigger point therapy within the sessions.  This therapy is great for individuals who are active in their bodies, and are seeking greater awareness and relief in tension areas, as well as overall posture.  Some commonly reported experiences and benefits of receiving this work are among as follows: people report feeling longer, lighter, and more open.  This is evidence of approaching a more balanced, vertical alignment with gravity, thus requiring less effort to have more vertical, easeful posture.  This work also promotes greater self-awareness, so not only are the benefits available in my office, but they can continue when you are living most of your life off the massage table.


75 minutes - $125

90 minutes - $150

120 minutes - $200

4-packs are available to be used within 6months of purchase

$440 for 4 x 75min 

$540 for 4 x 90min 

$740 for 4 x 2hrs